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succulent garden

Contemporary Southwest Style

Built 1980 – present.
Simple lines, one or two story.
Flat or partial shingle or tile roofs;
Stucco construction.

Landscape design: It usually works best
to emphasize an asymmetrical balance
in the landscape, although these homes
can be adapted to reflect contemporary
or traditional styles through the choice
of materials and density of plantings.

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contemporary fireplace

fireplace detail

ranch style

Traditional Ranch Style

Built 1940’s – 1980’s approximately.
One story; Shallow pitched roofs.
Often block or brick construction.

Landscape design: The ground plane
is very important with this style.
These homes usually look best
framed with smaller trees because
large trees will dominate the low-slung architectural style. Ground contouring
can add visual interest.

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ranch style approach

ranch front

sta fe seat wall

granite drive

Santa Fe Style

Classic architecture style adapted
from Pueblo style architecture
from Santa Fe, N.M.
One or two story; Flat parapet roofs.
Stucco over adobe or other block, rounded thick walls and archways, exposed ceiling and roof beams, heavy wood lintels and carved corbels, concrete or clay tile floors and colorful tile accents, cozy rustic feel.

Landscape design: Often color is a feature emphasized in the hardscape design. Fountains or outdoor fireplaces are often included, along with detailed planting arrangements, featuring seasonal color throughout the year.

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sta fe seat fireplace

morning garden

mexican colonial

Mexican Colonial Style

Classic architectural style from the
Spanish influence throughout Mexico.
One or two story;
Flat parapet or partial tile roofs.
Adobe or stucco exterior often with exposed wood lintels and ceilings, carved corbels,
colorful tile and iron accents. 

Landscape design: For a Mexican Colonial home we often emphasize color and pattern with tile, brick and other natural materials in the hardscape and colorful or sculptural plant materials, along with traditional scroll ironwork in fencing and gates.

mexican colonial

artificial turf

joesler front


Historic Joesler House

Josias Joesler built many classic Tucson
buildings from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.
Most are one story, with stucco or brick exteriors, parapet or partial tile roofs.
Many Joesler homes have colored concrete floors,  exposed wood lintels and ceilings,
carved corbels, colorful tile and iron accents. Some similar to Santa Fe or Mexican colonial details, although he also borrowed from California Mission trends to include arched doorways and gateways, with a casual feeling
at a comfortable human scale.

Landscape design: Typical landscape
design for a Joesler home is similar to
Mexican colonial, but  typically with less emphasis on bright or bold colors. 
Symmetry and balance in the design
of landscape spaces and plantings
is a very important feature.

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joesler font


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